Actor, Whom Do You Serve?

This is going to be based on the talk I gave to Rola's class about the actor's purpose.

Why are you becoming an actor? Why are you trying to do This “Acting Thing”? Is it to be famous? Or is it to serve people by telling them stories?

When you serve that greater purpose, you remove yourself from the statistical unlikelyhood that you will become a working actor.

Serving the story allows you to serve the people who are buying your services better (it's not your audience, even though the story serves the audience.)

By knowing you are serving the story, you'll more easily spot your deficiencies and strengths that get you hired.

When it's about fame or getting love for yourself, you go off on selfish tangents.

Acting is one of the most selfless jobs you can do when you do it correctly.

When people ask me why I do this, they want to know who my inspiration was, which actors influenced me to want to act.

Actors didn't influence me to want to act. At least not directly.

Movies did. Stories did.

I never looked at the screen and thought, “I want to be up there! I want to be a STAR!”

What I would think, while watching a movie that moved me, was: “This is the most amazing feeling. I want to be able to do THIS for other people!”

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